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If all you want is a dinner arrangement in one of your companion restaurants, then our luminary escorts are perfect for that. If all you want is to plan a memorable holiday trip across India, Dubai, Europe and other parts of Asia, then don’t hesitate to request for a worthy escorts. If all you want is to satisfy your sexual desire by trying out a one-hour sensual session with a charming Seductress model by your side then look no further from our notable escort today. If all you want is to fly along side with an elegant model while we draft your flying schedule then nothing should stop you from requesting for our V.I.P escort service.

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Our escorts are dazzling with flawless skin. The escorts ensure that they wear something that is unique and special for every occasion – You’ll never see them in the same outfit twice. What’s even more is that the girls have incredible social skills that can impress the socks out of any client. Just to waft your brain, we feature females that have modeled in high-class fashion magazines like Playboy, vogue, LORAC, GUCCI, maxim GQ. These ladies are not the type of ladies that you’ll find in other brothels and bars.

We only showcase these ladies photographs on a private gallery that is not available to the entire public.

We also offer expensive escorts for occasions like celebrity encounters, cooperative companions and concierge. It’s our goal to offer a stunning customer service. Since we provide expensive escorts, it’s our utmost priority to ensure that each of your pennies is well spent.

Regardless of the occasion, we’re ready to go all out and deliver what we’ve promised you. Our high end escorts can provide you with superior services. What more can be better than a VIP escort appearing in a sexy custom to give you a full body massage in the comfort of your room?

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